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High Current Battery Connectors – 7016

The 7016 High Current battery Connector plug consists of the 7013 series High Current DC Connector enclosed with a two piece protective housing.  The 7016 is identical to the 7017 High Current battery Connector; the only difference being the length of the protective housing. 

7016 & 7017 Side by Side Comparison
7016 & 7017 Side by Side Comparison

This rugged High Amperage Connector was originally designed for the demanding requirements of the commercial aircraft industry, but has found extensive usage in applications including electric vehicles, rail, marine, military air and land vehicles and wherever reliable high current battery connectors are required.

The 7016 High Current battery Connector mates with all of Rebling’s 7002 and 7009 series battery receptacles providing a rapid, fool proof and long lasting high current interconnect.  After undergoing mechanical and environmental testing and after 5000 engagements with the mating 7002 battery receptacle, the voltage loss between socket and pin was 28mv when tested at 750 amps for a 5 minute duration, and 42mv at 1200 amps for a one minute duration.

The 7016 High Current Battery Connector housing has two access openings that can accommodate up to and including 000 cable diameters.  These cable entry openings are perpendicular to the axis formed by the centerline of the sockets.  Rotation of the handle in a clockwise direction engages and then locks in a detent position this high current DC connector with any of the Rebling 7002 or 7009 series battery receptacles.  Rotation in a counterclockwise direction unlocks the unit.

Polarity markings on the outside and inside of the unit are clearly visible. The 7016 high current battery connector plug incorporates a fail proof engagement feature that prevents reverse polarity connections when mated to the Rebling series 7002 or 7009 battery receptacle.

All fastening hardware and the metallic shaft of the 7016 are made from corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Options - 7016 High Current Connector

7016-2 Round Handle & 7016-1 “T” Shaped Handle
7016-2 Round Handle & 7016-1 “T” Shaped Handle


Any of Rebling’s 7016 series power connectors can also be customized for specific applications. Contact powerconnectors@reblingplastics.com for more details.