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High Current DC Connectors – 7000 Series
Quick Disconnect Plugs

All of the Rebling 7000 series High Current DC Connector Plugs feature large floating sockets that align to the fixed pins of the mating Battery Receptacle.  These compliant sockets provide maximum contact area with the mating battery receptacle contact pins to insure extremely low resistance losses, even at currents exceeding 1500 amps. The 7000 series high current DC connectors provide for easy and safe engagement and disengagement to the battery receptacle with a turn of the handle.  Rotation in a clockwise direction engages and then locks in a detent position these high current DC connectors with any of the Rebling 7002 or 7009 series battery receptacles.  Rotation in a counterclockwise direction unlocks the unit. 

The compliant, floating sockets of the 7000 series High Amperage Connectors result in very low pin insertion forces. This benefit, coupled with the use of a hardened stainless steel locking shaft on all 7000 series Rebling Aircraft Battery Connectors means longer life, over 5000 engagements.  All fasteners are made from corrosion resistant stainless steel to insure a rust free unit even under extreme environmental conditions.

Polarity markings on the outside and inside of all the 7000 series High Current DC Connectors are clearly visible. Each of the 7000 series Power Connector plugs incorporates a fail proof engagement feature that prevents reverse polarity connections when mated to the Rebling series 7002 or 7009 battery receptacle.

Several configurations of these High Current DC Connectors are available including the two wire series 7013, 7016, 7017 and 7019 as well as the popular 7007 four wire connector.

These high current connector plugs makes an ideal bulkhead connector, and can be used as a battery disconnector to quickly and safely connect and disconnect DC power to any device.  The Rebling Power Connectors 7000 series High Current DC Connectors are used extensively in transportation vehicles and equipment including trucks, buses, marine, mining and aircraft.

Any of Rebling’s 7000 series power connectors can also be customized for specific applications. Contact powerconnectors@reblingplastics.com for more details.


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